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Noreen C. Barnes


My thesis will explore the role of the female director. The two plays on which I will focus, Neil LaBute’s medea redux and Frank McGuinness’s Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, call for quite different casts. The former involves a woman in a police interrogation room; the latter involves three men in a Lebanese prison. Despite the overt masculinity of these plays, traces of femininity permeate. Indeed, my status as a female director provided one of the clearest paths into these plays when I directed them last year at Virginia Commonwealth University. My gender also greatly influenced my direction of the actors. My experiences working on these shows provided a backdrop from which to reflect on my role as a female director in a male-dominated field. In my thesis I will reference notes I took during the rehearsal process. I will also include much of my dramaturgical research. Finally, throughout my writing process, I will attempt to define “masculine” and “feminine” both with regard to theatre and to theatre direction. This document was created in Microsoft Word 2003 for Mac.


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May 2009