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Jack Wax


Most of my works are figurative and depend on my memory when I was modeling. I’d like to attempt to clarify the memories through process of modeling. When I model a human, it might not be a perfect imitation of body because it’s a representation of memories, and it’s affected by memories. It is not important to imitate the human form, but I’m interested in gathering memories and giving a form to them. I’m interested in life force and transience of life, so I was looking for a material which can represent these qualities. When I am engaged glass, I am interested in movement of melted glass and transparency of it. When it is melting, it seems to have a life, but when it is still, it seems to be dead. I am fascinated with qualities of material which have transience. It is an existence of life for me. In fountain series, I attempt to use liquid as a material. Unlike solid material, water, oil, and foam don’t have a stable form. However, I consider that water flow and its liquidity are available as a type of kinetic sculpture. The liquid is supposed to be a material for sculpture. Like melted glass, liquid flowing seems have a life. I recognized that there is a possibility to use liquid as a material throughout the series. Their subtle motion can represent transient vital force.


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