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Steven Lindauer

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Eser Tüfekçi

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Vincent Sawicki


White spot lesions (WSLs) or decalcifications remain a common complication in orthodontic patients with poor oral hygiene. The purpose of this study was to compare attitudes regarding the development of WSLs among patients, parents, orthodontists and general dentists and improve prevention and treatment protocols through better communication. A survey was developed to evaluate and compare the current opinions of orthodontic patients (n=315), parents (n=279), orthodontists (n=305) and general dentists (n=191) regarding the significance, prevention and treatment of WSLs. All four groups indicated that WSLs did detract from the overall appearance of straight teeth. All four groups indicated that patients were the most responsible for the prevention of WSLs. All four groups indicated that the general dentist should be more responsible for the treatment of WSLs than the orthodontist. General dentists were significantly more likely to indicate that the orthodontist was most responsible for the prevention of WSLs (P <0.005).


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June 2009