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Master of Science



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Hiroshi Miyazaki

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Zendra Zehner

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Sumitra Deb

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Todd Kitten


We worked on finding a new kinase regulator to develop basic data to be used for cancer prevention. Our work found a link between three previously unrelated proteins involved in cancer, ERK2 and ERK6 and Scribble. The MAP kinase cascade is involved in cell proliferation, which is highly deregulated in cancer. Through the screening of ERK6 associating molecules, we found the cell polarity, and cell cycle related molecule Scribble. Furthermore, we found that Scribble was a dual-specific kinase regulator. We clearly demonstrated that these ERKs interact with Scribble through the LRR and the PDZ domains of Scribble. We hypothesize that Scribble may function as a scaffolding protein for ERK2 and ERK6, since Scribble has been found to down regulate the kinase activity of these ERKs.


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June 2009