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Clarissa Holmes


The psychometric properties of two measures of diabetes disease care, the Diabetes Behavior Rating Scale (DBRS) and the 24-hr Diabetes Interview (24-hr) were evaluated. The 24-hr is a widely used, structured interview while the DBRS is a self-administered, fixed-choice questionnaire. Both measures were administered to 250 youth with Type 1 Diabetes (aged 11–14 years) and their parents. Overall, both measures demonstrate adequate psychometric properties. The DBRS and the 24-hr demonstrated good incremental validity and low convergent validity with each adding significant additive value. Both measures demonstrated good concurrent validity with HbA1c. As expected, scores on the 24-hr demonstrated less than adequate test-retest reliability and both measures demonstrated low parent/youth agreement. Interestingly, external validity analyses demonstrated DBRS scores were moderately related to HbA1c in non-pump but not pump regimens, while the 24-hr displayed acceptable external validity. Only three subscales significantly contributed to HbA1c suggesting a more parsimonious assessment measure. This novel, brief combination could prove efficacious for clinical practice.


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