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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


As I work with mixed media and computer technology, I am reminded at how evolved our lives and society have become in spite of how incredibly primal our individual needs remain. I began addressing those needs with drawing and painting; now, I find myself flung into a digital world of hard drives and pixels. Working with electronic imagery satisfies my immediate need to explore many options simultaneously but at the same time there is a detachment, a distance if you will, between me and my work. Developing a tactile-rich surface for a digital image by applying paint, wax, and surface marks creates a physical, immediate relationship with the work. The mix of a digital click with the mark of a physical stroke is a unifying experience for me. Working through these pieces, I explore my origins. In the calm, I listen. Applying, removing, mixing, and editing the present and past, the complex and simple, I experiment until I hear agreement on some level. Each aspect utilizes the other.


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August 2009