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Master of Science


Human Genetics

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Sarah Elsea


Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS) is a multiple congenital anomalies/ mental retardation disorder caused by deletion or mutation of the RAI1 gene on chromosome 17p11.2. The majority of patients with SMS phenotypes have a deletion or mutation of RAI1. However, some patients have been observed with SMS-like phenotypes and yet have no deletions or mutations in the RAI1 gene. One possible explanation could be aberrant methylation of RAI1 since RAI1 is present and yet may be silenced. In order to study this possibility, patient cell lines were treated with 5-Aza-2’-deoxycytidine. RNA was extracted and real-time PCR was used to check the RAI1 expression status on the cells. RAI1 is thought to be a transcription factor, but the DNA binding sequence is still unknown. Sequences from ChIP-chip data were compared to identify a consensus sequence. One gene which contained this consensus sequence was the chemokine-like receptor-1 gene (CMKLR1), which was investigated by luciferase assay. CMKLR1 showed upregulation when co-transfected with RAI1.


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August 2009