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Patricia Slattum


Objective: To evaluate the level of agreement between two self-reported medication adherence scales and prescription refill records in older adults. Design: Cross-sectional study Setting: Imperial Plaza; a retirement community located in Richmond, Virginia. Participants: 32 independent-living older adults, taking anti-hypertensive medications and filling their prescriptions at on-site Plaza Professional Pharmacy were recruited in the study. Methods: Participants’ 6 months refill records were obtained and Medication Possession Ration (MPR) was calculated. Participants were interviewed using Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS) & Brief Medication Questionnaire (BMQ). Kappa statistics was used to evaluate the level of agreement. Results: Poor level of agreement was found between refill records and MMAS (k=-0.004), refill records and BMQ belief screen (k=-0.09), regimen screen (k=-0.09), and recall screen (k =-0.004). Strong agreement was found between MMAS and BMQ regimen screen (k=0.79) and recall screen (k=0.87) respectively. Conclusion: Self-reported measure of adherence exhibited poor agreement with prescription refill records.


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August 2009