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Master of Science


Biomedical Engineering

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Peter Pidcoe

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Gerald Miller

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Paul Wetzel


In 2004, the National Collegiate Athletic Association reported ankle sprain as the most frequent injury in soccer, basketball, and volleyball players. Further research found an increased likelihood with fatigue. Measuring fatigue during functional activities has been a longstanding problem. In this study, changes in ankle biomechanics were measured using a tri-axial accelerometer embedded in the shoe as subjects (n=12) performed a fatiguing activity. Data were collected from the accelerometer and from established devices that are considered the industry gold standard. Several kinetic and kinematic accelerometer derived variables were highly correlated with these standards (r2>0.90) and were associated with changes in fatigue. The tri-axial accelerometer in this configuration may be suitable for monitoring fatigue during the performance of functional activities.


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August 2009