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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design

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Sandra Wheeler

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Steven Hoskins

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Teresa Engle


Every city/place has unique, distinctive qualities. Individuals acquire a sense of place in accordance with their own experiences and perspectives, which may not be the same as the experiences and viewpoints of another person. In this project, I explore, analyze, and re-interpret three places that have creatively and emotionally influenced me and remained in my memory: Times Square, New York City; Insadong, Seoul, South Korea; and Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia. To comprehend and draw a sense of place, I observe, feel, and document the characteristics of each place through different methods and processes, based on my own experiences. In addition, I integrate, apply, and transform my experiences and emotional reaction to the objects, obtained from each place, into new visual form to grasp how the built environment can be used as inspiration and stimulus in developing creative methods and processes in graphic design.


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August 2009