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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Amy Throckmorton


The long term objective of this research is to develop a collapsible, percutaneously inserted, axial flow blood pump to improve blood flow in the cavopulmonary circulation. Through this research, the experimental evaluation of five blood pump prototypes and hemolysis testing of one blood pump prototype were performed. All prototypes demonstrated acceptable hydraulic performance. A comparison of the experimental results with numerical predictions demonstrated a 10-20% deviation, an acceptable range per industry standard. Hemolysis testing of a four bladed adult blood pump showed plasma free hemoglobin level of 20.04 mg/dL and maximum NIH (normalized index of hemolysis) level was 0.017 g/100L. This thesis project serves as a solid foundation from which to continue development of this suited intravascular axial flow blood pump. Successful completion of this research will lead to a novel percutaneously inserted axial flow pump for infants and adult patients with a failing Fontan physiology.


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November 2009

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