Facing Faces



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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


I am a surrealist at heart. I enjoy the creative process of making a visual story that uses unusual imagery. Every work is a reflection of some part of my aesthetic belief: an outgrowth of my individuality. The art I produce is a direct reflection of my personality, beliefs, values, and experiences. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I have a strong sense of identity. My work exhibits intense colors and strong contrasts. Each has its own underlying subtleties that express the inner depth of the concept. A little attention-deficient and a little bipolar, I am an erratic person who rides the ebb and flow of my chaotic mind. I leap from one idea to the next, often splitting off onto tangents never to return to the original idea, or I simply start at a run from some illogical concept. I spend an enormous amount of time in self reflection, research, and planning before creating a piece. I have to explore each concept in a variety of ways before I am satisfied that I have infused enough of myself into the concept to start. Without that dedication I do not have the focus to finish the task. A piece is not successful until I can live with it a long time and still have it spark my imagination and make me think.


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December 2009