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Cornelia Ramsey


Background The Community Voice program is designed for African-Americans and explores key factors that can contribute to African-American infant mortality. This program was implemented in Henrico County based on Virginia Health Statistics that the White infant mortality rate average during the years of 2001-2005 was 5.3 deaths per 1,000 live births and in the same time period the infant mortality rate for African-Americans was 13.7 deaths per 1,000 live births. At the time of implementation of the program, no plans to evaluate the program had been made. Objective This evaluation was designed to develop guidelines regarding the evaluation process of the Community Voice program and develop evaluation tools that can be used by the agency to insure the fidelity of the program. Methods For the purposes of this project and the needs of Henrico County, six concepts are the focus of this process evaluation. These concepts are fidelity, dose delivered, dose received, reach, recruitment, and context. The developed evaluation guide includes information on data sources, the timing of data collection, tools to evaluate the six concepts, and a guide for data analysis and data synthesis. Conclusion By conducting a process evaluation, the Community Voice team will be able to determine if program objectives are being achieved, document strengths and weaknesses of the program, establish quality assurance, monitor performance, improve staff skills, promote community awareness, and meet public and fiscal requirements of accountability.


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