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Kordula Tomasz


YKL-40 is a secreted protein that is highly up-regulated in malignant glioblastoma (GBM). Its expression is correlated with the invasive nature of GBMs and poor diagnosis of patients (Nigro et al., 2005). Previous research has shown that in astrocytes and GBM cells, YKL-40 expression is regulated by two transcription factors, NFI-X3 and STAT3, which form a complex with each other (Singh et al., 2011). Here, we show that the N-terminal domain of NFI-X3 is sufficient and required for its interaction with STAT3. We also show that the DNA-binding domain of NFI-X3 is required to induce YKL-40 expression. Thus, the interaction of NFI-X3 with STAT3 may play a role in stabilizing the otherwise weak binding of NFI-X3 to the YKL-40 promoter. Collectively, the observations made in this study shed light on the mechanisms by which NFI-X3, in concert with STAT3 regulate YKL-40 expression.


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May 2011