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Educational Studies

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Nora Alder

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Mark Williams

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Samuel Craver

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Kurt Stemhagen


This study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between targeted funding of research and education and faculty perception of academic freedom at their medical schools. A total of 130 physician and basic sciences faculty from three medical schools assessed academic freedom at their institutions on an academic freedom inventory developed specifically for this study. The lack of a representative sample and the weak explanatory power of the findings limit conclusions that could be drawn. Using multiple regression analysis, the researcher was not able to reject the null for a relationship between targeted funding and academic freedom, using the probability of F statistical test (p>0.05). Other variables included I the study were found to be statistically significant, but the models were generalized considered weak. A statistically significant relationship was found for faculty, who perceived faculty governance and institutional autonomy to be inhibited at their institutions more than their administrators. Collateral track faculty perceived freedom to research to be inhibited, while women and minorities perceived freedom to speak to be inhibited. One unexpected finding was the relationship between being male and being a citizen with a perception that academic freedom was inhibited at their institutions more so than for women and faculty who were not U.S. citizens. These findings were surprising given concern raised in the literature about the treatment of foreign faculty and students after the 9-11 terrorist attacks (AAUP, 2003). Further research is recommended to determine if findings can be replicated with a reliable instrument and a representative sample.


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