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Master of Fine Arts



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Gregory Volk


An introductory conversation with a new person I just met usually goes like this: So, where is your accent from ? Are you American? Well, yes, .....but no. Not really. I do have American citizenship and I lived in the US for fifteen years but I grew up in France. Ok, so you’re French? Well, yes, but .....not totally. My mother is French but my father is Tunisian. Ok, so you’re Tunisian? Well, yes, but... not wholly. I don’t speak Arabic, so I don’t totally feel Tunisian. So what are you? American? French? Tunisian? With my work, I ask the same questions. What is this? What does it do? How do I, the maker, relate to it? How does the viewer, the other side of the conversation, relate to it and understand it? Can we understand each other if we do not speak the same language? Who am I and who are you anyway?


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December 2009