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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban Studies & Planning

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Ivan Suen


This particular paper is meant to investigate planning in Kathmandu, Nepal specifically land use planning practices and the implications on the transportation network(s). Very early on in the research including existing land use (if any), and current transportation networks, it was clear that investigations must be made into the political and planning situation leading up to the modern era in Nepal. The overview of past political events is necessary to explain current planning trends and techniques, and also the mindset of the people of Kathmandu towards planning. Of course universal planning truths can be applied in various international contexts, but each location and situation has to be approached with a fresh perspective. Where hard planning process is lacking often times planning theory can help to fill in some of the gaps. Both qualitative factors and quantitative data are presented and analyzed to show the current planning and transportation situation in Kathmandu.


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December 2009