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A director, just like a pastry chef, must be delicate. Actors are fragile, fearful human beings. And just like a pie crust requires the perfect balance of water and flour, an actor requires a similar balance in both comfort and companionship. Eryn Snyder worked for three months to create a space where her actors could live freely in the world of the characters. With a cast of four, rehearsals were intimate, demanding, and playful. Theatre requires a director to lay down the sort of soil that encourages growth. It nurtures, it listens, it plays, and it asks questions. A director’s job is to fall in love with a story and cultivate the safest space for discovery. When achieved, the words don’t matter. There is a life unlike any other between a group of courageous human beings. Strung together with letters and love, here is a story of some extraordinary planting.


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