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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Amy Throckmorton


Few therapeutic alternatives exist for patients with a failing single ventricle physiology. To address this need, this thesis project investigated two new therapeutic alternatives, which sought to positively augment the Fontan hemodynamics. The first modality introduced a non-invasive method of external pressure application to the lower extremities. A clinical study (n=2) was conducted, and results indicated an increase in flow as a consequence to an increase in transmural pressure in the lower extremities. The second modality investigated a minimally invasive blood pump. Numerical analyses of the pump were performed to examine hydraulic performance under physiologic conditions. The pump produced pressure rises of 1 to 25 mmHg over flows of 1 to 4 LPM, has a blood damage index less than 1% and was also found to successfully augment the hydraulic energy of the Fontan physiology. This work resulted in substantial progress to develop both modalities and address a significant human health problem.


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May 2010

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