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Master of Fine Arts



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Susie Ganch

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Natalya Pinchuk


My thesis is about the dualistic connotation of the cage. The original intention of a cage is to create a boundary to enclose a target. However, a cage has a positive intent for protection. With this idea, I created kinetic sculpture and installation pieces referencing cages. While I understand the negative association of cages, I made them seductive through the careful consideration of lightness, fragility, and sheen. I have been exploring forms and material qualities to express the contradictory connotation of cages. Most of my work is made of wire because I have a great interest in the delicate nature of wirework. I use silver as my primary material for its impression of duality. Silver is desirable with its economic worth, but also it attracts our senses with its ability to be shiny and reflective. Conversely it could be manipulated to have a cold distant industrial look. In the end I wanted my audience to have unsettling desires.


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May 2010

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