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Master of Fine Arts



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Noreen Barnes

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Janet Rodgers

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Tawnya Pettiford-Wates


Joseph Campbell tells us that if you look closely at all cultures you find the story of “The Hero's Journey”, the vehicle for my thesis project, a devised theatre piece titled A Thousand Faces: Everyday Heroes. Though the subject of A Thousand Faces is the exploration of “The Hero's Journey” the foundation of the work is the application of the pedagogical principles of Ritual Poetic Drama Within the African Continuum (RPDWAC) as outlined in the practices of my mentor Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Assistant Professor of Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University Theatre (VCU). I apply RPDWAC pedagogical principles to Archetypes for the Actor/Singer (AFAS), a training methodology developed by Frankie Armstrong and another of my mentors, Professor of Voice and Speech and Head of Performance at VCU Theatre, Janet B. Rodgers. This paper outlines the process and performance of a class that combined these methodologies.


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May 2010

01 Dreams 1.mp3 (2509 kB)
audio file "Dreams" 2010 cast

02 Fighting the fight 1.mp3 (2524 kB)
audio file "Fighting the fight" 2010 cast

03 Boro Boro 1.mp3 (2477 kB)
audio file "Boro Boro" 2010 cast

04 Song of the Seeker 1.mp3 (3450 kB)
audio file "Sond of the Seeker" 2010 cast

05 realease me 1.mp3 (3586 kB)
audio file 2010 cast

06 Because I can and I care 1.mp3 (2872 kB)
audio file "Because I can and I care" 2010 cast

07 Song of the tired warrior 1.mp3 (3180 kB)
audio file "Song of the tired Warrior" 2010 cast

08 Song of the neverending choice 1.mp3 (2452 kB)
audio file "Sonf of the neverending choice" 2010 cast

09 one more day 1.mp3 (4323 kB)
audio file "One more day the Hero's Song" 2010 cast

10 the origins of drama.mp3 (7069 kB)
audio file "The Origins of Drama" Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates"

11 the truth and the lie.mp3 (2812 kB)
audio file "The Truth and the Lie" Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates"

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2010 Performance Program

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2009 Poster

a thousand faces 2010 poster.pdf (5921 kB)
2010 Poster by Jazmine Foster

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