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Master of Science


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Zendra Zehner


A unique computational approach was undertaken to identify targets of miR-17-3p that impart an oncogenic potential to the cells of the prostate. Utilizing this approach, we identified insulin growth factor receptor 1 (IGF1R) as a potential target of miR-17-3p. IGF1R imparts an oncogenic approach to the cells by helping cells escape apoptosis, become hypertrophic and increase the production of extracellular proteases that allow cells to detach from neighbors. The regulation of insulin growth factor receptor 1 by human microRNA-17-3p was evaluated using a western blot analysis of prostate cancer cell lines. Protein levels were compared in a cell line that expressed a non-targeting control RNA and a cell line that expressed microRNA-17-3p. The cell line that expressed the non-targeting control had significantly higher levels of IGF1R protein than the cell line expressing more of the active microRNA. Based on this experiment, it appears that microRNA-17-3p might regulate the insulin growth factor receptor 1.


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May 2010