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Noreen Barnes


Many great actors don’t work and many mediocre actors do. Why? The perfect monologue and great song isn’t enough to get you hired. Sadly, students are not prepared and equipped with the necessary skill set to take control of their careers. In this economic climate, the ability to audition could not be more imperative. In this thesis, readers will be introduced to the basics of audition technique as developed for Theatre majors at Virginia Commonwealth University as a precursor to their senior year. It will guide them through the first stage of their career. Furthermore, there are unspoken rules, etiquette, and untapped opportunities of which many young actors are simply unaware when auditioning. Through the exploration of auditioning as a technique and not just a means to an end, students will find confidence, understanding, and the tools to prepare them to be successful in gaining employment in the theatre.


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May 2011