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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani

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Camden Whitehead


The program of the interior spaces of an urban country club is similar to that of an actual country club. The apparent differences between the two entities, independent of the interior, are primarily the location followed by the amenities offered. This club is set in a vastly urban location, where there is no alluring green space to be allocated to outdoor activities. The urban club must rely on social, indoor recreational spaces for its vitality. The urban club will be located in Riverfront Plaza West Tower, with views of the downtown and river, and will attract the urbanites of the surrounding area. These urbanites will enjoy the event and gathering spaces, restaurant and bar, while taking part in the workout and fitness facilities. The club will be private but not exclusive and based on social interactions. The space will be somewhere that the members of the community want to be with other members while dining, gathering, and working out. The feel of the space will be contemporary to mesh with the urban setting, and comfortable to reflect the feel of a rural get-a-way.


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May 2010