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A survey was conducted to assess the current state of predoctoral endodontic education in the United States. Fifty-one schools received surveys and 73% responded. Seventy-six percent were from public schools with most having a graduate endodontic program (84%). Preclinical training most often began in the spring of second year and clinical training started in the fall of third year (each 54%). All programs that responded stated that endodontists routinely instruct students in the clinic. Sodium hypochlorite 2.5% was the irrigation of choice. Calcium hydroxide was the most common intracanal medicament. Cold lateral condensation with gutta-percha was the most frequently indicated obturation technique. Sixty-two percent of programs had microscopes, with 1-2 cases treated with microscope per week. Findings suggest that endodontists are still an integral part of teaching predoctoral dental students in the United States.


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