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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Peter Baldes

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Gregory Volk

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Christine Gray


Finding and extracting meaning from the world I encounter every day is the primary motivation behind my creativity. Filtering perception and separating the important bits of information by selection or elimination is the crux of this investigation. This process is one of finding rationale in futility and applying meaning to meaningless encounters. The significance of life is not fixed and it is our responsibility to make it up to best suit the desire to have purpose. Depending on the way something is looked at determines the meaning behind it. Anything can have content if it is seen and translated a certain way. Aligning this inquiry to the course of painting is how I examine the pieces of information that have potential importance. Painting allows me to slow down, scrutinize, and evaluate the way I perceive reality. Every image seems unrelated but is actually connected by an undercurrent of doubt at every level of creation.


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