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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani


Christy Addis-Gutierrez MUSEUM DESIGN: art, wonder & discovery Some art institutions create such an elitist atmosphere that the average person might feel intimidated. But for the artists to be the most effective in expressing their ideas, their feelings, and their point of view, more people need to experience it. If the audience for art is limited to a relatively small group of art lovers, how does that serve the art process? A broader audience could enrich the art that is produced, allowing artists to engage in more daring work. A contemporary art museum that also incorporates spaces for gathering and communal activities, with an active and innovative educational program, could create this broader audience for art, and strengthen the surrounding community as well. Art brings people together – to discover more about themselves and each other. The challenge is to create a space that accomplishes this: more art; more people; more wonder; more discovery. The “big idea” of this project was “more art”. It was generated by the idea of bringing the wonder of art to more people.


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May 2010