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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Gregory Volk

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Barbara Tisserat

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Ron Johnson

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Hilary Wilder


My work seeks to simulate the impermanence of memory, through the creation of structures and images that translate the mind’s formless but living past into physical material and sensation. The need to search for the missing six years of my childhood memories in Thailand has been the driving force behind the works, along with the lingering emotions of emptiness and unfulfillment. I create multimedia installations with materials, such as plaster, pvc panels, acrylic, polycrylic and dura-lar, to structurally realize a subject as intangible and elusive as memory. Issues of duality, identity, impermanence and memory are underlying themes for my thesis investigation. Dreamfall is a simulated, dream-like landscape where the pervading sense of solitude exists throughout the sparsity and whiteness of the installation. It is a place for contemplation and silence, a landscape of the past relived.


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