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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Hilary Wilder

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Hope Ginsburg

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Stephen Vitiello

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Gregory Volk


This thesis expansively and inclusively puts forth the imaginings, research, processes and experiences behind my two thesis exhibitions, "Journeys into the unknown: a series of science architecture tasks and events, space-bound explorations and far-travels, discoveries and misses (near and far), imaginative space-gazing and related investigations, observations, orbits, and other repetitious monitoring tasks" and "Timed travel: asystematic accounts of regular and geometrical timekeeping, orbital flight, repetitive rotations and other journeys into actual time and slow space." It begins with an abstract interpretation of the dial: a tool not limited to scientific measurement but, instead, a gauge of an object’s overall position and general status. Equal parts scientific information, abstracted and fictionalized instruments and facts, and the personal experiences which provided these concrete informational elements with psychological and metaphorical meaning, this document is as much a record of time as it is an elucidation of my artistic practice and methodology.


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