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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Peter Baldes

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Holly Morrison


Signaling the moon, packing balls of mud, carving a big sphere, cleaning with a giant unwieldy mop, playing with indigo, wrangling cardboard, setting sunflowers ablaze, playing a tune with a soda bottle, taking a walk with other people’s laundry, kindling smoke signals, weaving a bed, cracking seeds all night, listening to sleep, dressing a plant, these are some of the activities that have been incorporated into my work over the last two years. Most ideas begin in the studio and then are realized outside. Many of the tasks mentioned allow me to easily integrate into a crowd, where the project and I go unnoticed and remain indistinguishable from the buzz of day to day life. Other projects however, have been done with more consideration for its secrecy. The narratives that are incorporated in this thesis, both personal and culled from research, attempt to unpack some of the fleeting yet conceptually interwoven curiosities that have propelled me to search for these experiences.


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