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Master of Fine Arts



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Jack Wax


My engagement with making is a metaphor that contains the interior landscapes of my mind. I continue to explore it by comparing and contrasting exterior and interior, investigating surface and depth, covering and exposing, and taking apart and putting together. I work to translate my individual experiences and emotions into a tangible form. The visual dialogues that I engage in with my work explore a range of aspects that are inherent and specific to my Japanese cultural heritage. It often springs from my daily encounters with the subtle nuances and observable oddities of living in the “West”. These experiences have added to my self-awareness, and my sense of identity. I’ve always been fascinated by the visual phenomenon that occurs when light is transmitted, reflected, and/or refracted on/in/and through glass materials. I integrate these observable optical phenomena into personal narratives; by using “the-perceptional-shifts” that only the quality of glass it-self can generate, I transform my emotions into concrete materiality. The body of work that has developed over the past two years focuses on integrating my experiences, emotions and feelings, distance and time, and memories of and longing for my twin sister. I marry new technology with old, and attempting to bring the sensitivity of craft to new methods of making. Embedded in this work is my passion for life, materials, and making.


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