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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani

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Camden Whitehead


This Thesis explores the question; Is a children’s museum a playground or a museum? Through research and visits to children’s museums I feel that many are playgrounds. They are also visually stimulating to children, but not to the guardians who bring them there. In most cases the exhibits are permanent and there is little change to the atmosphere of the space on a regular basis. An old warehouse located on North Boulevard was chosen to house this project idea of a children’s art museum. The scenario is that The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum of Richmond would have a joint venture in creating a the Children’s Art Museum of Richmond. Thebuildings’ close proximity to these two museums make it an excellent choice for both institutions. There are interactive changing exhibits, a studio that continues the learning experience from the exhibit, and a gallery to display artwork that was created in the studio spaces. Through these three core spaces I hope to create a continuous interactive learning experience in this children’s art museum.


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May 2010