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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My paintings are a combination of transparent images merged with paint and wax. As each piece of art develops, the process is the same. The beginning relies on memory or some connection to my past. Then, the progression evolves through a symbolic infancy with an emerging learning experience, which ultimately transforms into a creative piece, along the road less traveled…to the journey’s end. The transparency comes from the image transfer process, which produces a “ghostly” or antique image due to the deteriorated effect of the image in the transfer. The photographic transfers suggest the image without being so bold as to dominate the overall piece of artwork. The encaustic medium that I use to create the surfaces in my work allows me to explore the features of a sculptural medium. I am able to carve into, apply texture, and build up relief on the surface of each piece. The paint hidden in the crevices or layered on the surface adds emphasis and creates focal points in the painting.


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October 2010