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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


The abstract pieces I create now are part of an ongoing evolution in my work to arrive at a visual balance between rigid structure and organic movement. Initially, they were intended as a departure from representational imagery to allow for more focus on color harmonies and structural balance. After more than twenty-five years of rendering objects and things, it became too predictable and “safe” for me to take my work seriously. As it has been suggested that most abstraction derives from reality in some form, I was intrigued by those rings of light we see when closing our eyes. I liked the idea of appropriating an archetypal image that was neither real nor unreal. Through the painting process, I have come to appreciate how a dialogue can be generated between the formal, visual elements, and the intuitive, more instinctive realm of aesthetics. Spontaneity and deliberate avoidance of pre-conceived imagery are important to me. I like the idea that ambiguity can create an environment for open interpretation. Most importantly, I am moving closer to work that is true to me.


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October 2010