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William Bosher

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This research presents the results of general linear modeling (GLM) of 131 school divisions in Virginia. The purpose of this research is to answer the question: What is the relationship between teacher salaries and student achievement as measured by Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)? Utilizing an equity theory and distributive justice perspective, data related to achievement in English and mathematics by high school students, as measured by the requirements of AYP, were culled from the Virginia Department of Education for every school division in Virginia in the subjects of reading, writing, algebra I, geometry, and algebra II. These data represent the dependent variables and are analyzed with teacher salary and principal salary data, which represent the independent variables. Intervening variables identified in the education, public policy and economic literature are also included in the modeling. An analysis of nine general linear models produced evidence that the relationship between teacher salaries and student achievement, as measured by AYP, is relatively weak. Though the results do not support a wide range of policy recommendations, one recommendation is for school divisions in the northern region of the state to consider a readjustment of their pay scales in order for teacher salaries in those Northern Virginia school divisions to be more competitive with other school divisions in the state when adjusted for cost-of-living.


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