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Master of Science


Biomedical Engineering

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Paul Wetzel

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Gerald Miller

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Tony Gentry


Advances in Human Computer Interface (HCI) have made this area of research important for improving the standard of living for people with disabilities. An eye blink system is presented to allow people with disabilities to control a standard computer mouse. This system is designed for people who are paralytic with no control over their arms, speech, and anyone who is restricted to only the control of eye and head movements. This system is based on infrared reflectivity to capture and analyze real time eye blink signal of the user. It uses simple economical hardware electronics to emulate the functionality of computer mouse click based on user eye blinks. Informal tests show that the system can successfully distinguish between voluntary and involuntary eye blinks and can emulate user mouse clicks. This interface offers an economical, non-invasive, hands-free, plug and play device that provides the disabled with flexibility to improve their quality of life.


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May 2011