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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My work reflects the change, growth, metamorphosis, duality, and balance that exists in my life. I focus on the process of change and necessity for adaptation. I’m interested in finding balance among the chaos of everyday living. I’m an observer, an introvert, and a thinker. I see and experience opposing forces all around me. Some are simple observations, such as good versus evil, chaos versus order, organic versus geometric, while some are more personal, such as anxiety versus depression, conflict between the inner versus outer self, disorganization versus obsessive compulsive. I’m fascinated by the delicate point at which opposing forces meet to create balance. I use a variety of papers, found objects, fiber, paint, drawing, and stitching to represent things that are picked up along my journey. Using a variety of materials and imagery represents the chaos of life. Editing, rearranging, dissecting, and reassembling these materials and imagery with deliberate choice are a way to balance the chaos I see and experience to take back control.


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March 2011