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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My artwork represents the playful and imaginative phase of life I went through as a young child. My cluttered bedroom floor doubled as a castle courtyard for a princess and her ladies-in-waiting. The unused space in my parent’s garage operated as a gourmet restaurant open to serve the finest cuisine. The fancy skirts, jewelry, and shoes that filled my mother’s closet were the tools for creating my ultimate fantasyland, in which I was already a successful grown up. My work is meant to convey the make-believe mindset from my childhood. To this day, I am inspired by the fluttering excitement that ignites and builds up in my stomach and ends in tickling my brain. The adventure begins when I think of constructing pieces of a magical world - a place where your mind molds a simple item into a sacred, irreplaceable thing of beauty and importance. I hope the viewer is inspired to slip away to a playful spot in their imagination that enchantingly transforms everyday objects into something rare.


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April 2011