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Colleen Thoma


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the Test-Taking Strategy would improve performance on math curriculum-based assessments of students with disabilities, and if students reported an increased sense of math self-efficacy as a result of learning the Test-Taking Strategy. The Test-Taking Strategy uses mnemonics to teach strategies to help students successfully navigate through assessments. This study used an experimental, single-subject, multiple-probe, multiple base-line design (Horner & Baer, 1978). The design featured multiple participants, and followed the design features of quantitative research (Horner & Baer, 1978, McMillan, 2004, & Mitchell & Jolley, 2004). The Test-Taking Strategy did result in improved performance on CBA (math quizzes) for some of the students in this study. However, some students did not increase performance on math CBA (math quizzes). Findings also indicated most students did not report an increased sense of math efficacy. Results of this study and the impact of these findings are discussed.


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