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Janet Rodgers

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Tawnya Pettiford-Wates

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Noreen Barnes


The Konami Code is a tool for teaching stage dialects that I have been developing for the past three years. I wanted a method that didn’t rely on students’ having a keen ear for phonetics; rather one that offered context for each dialect, and presented individual sound-changes as small parts of an easy way to digest the whole. Most importantly, I wanted a process that was portable: a set series of applications that my students could incorporate easily into their actor’s tool-kit and carry with them into the professional world. The Konami Code incorporates kinesthetic and imaginative elements into the study of dialects. This thesis discusses the genesis of the Code, the theory behind it, and my applications of the Code, to date, as both a teacher and a coach. It is a work in progress, and one which I hope you will expand upon even as I continue to do so!


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May 2011