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Many urban pet care and boarding facilities tend to rest on the outskirts of the community, in quasi-industrial and commercial areas. Far from the homes of the people who would use their services, the locations of these facilities are inconvenient for most. Students and the employed have trouble making time in their hectic schedules to give their pets the attention and activity they need to be healthy, and often, pets are left alone, sedentary, for a substantial portion of the day. But what if there was a pet care facility that was within walking distance from home that could provide pets what they were missing while teaching better care practices to pet owners? Located in Richmond’s Historic Fan District, the urban pet care center is surrounded mainly by residential housing, with some commercial spaces located nearby. The pet care center requires both indoor and outdoor spaces for the health and enjoyment of the animals that will be boarded. The challenge then is to find an area with an adjacent lot, as much of the Fan District is comprised of abutting row houses with minimal lawn area. The building is situated near busy thoroughfares used by the employed and students alike for optimal convenience. As part of the community of The Fan, the center will be open to anyone who wants to use the services offered, to people seeking knowledge on better care practices, and even to people who want to offer their affection and time to the pets. The center is meant to be an inviting place that is crisp and comfortable, much like the homes of the Fan District.


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