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Master of Fine Arts



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Camden Whitehead


This project is an experiment in the adaptive reuse of an Art Deco style manufacturing facility in Richmond, VA. The building has fallen into disrepair and has been inhabited by two different owners over the years, but the structure remains very much as it did when it was erected in 1946. I will propose adapting to the defunct space, a forward thinking school based on hands-on, creative learning. This school will challenge accepted pedagogies and serve as an exapmple of future learning. I have always looked as adaptive reuse interior design as a parasitic form of designing. The new program is almost never intendeed for the original space as it was designed and therfore should show its uniqueness in contast to the site. In this thesis, I will explore how the program will influence the design process, thus creating the most appropriate design to facilitate a futuristic learning environment in a obsolete manufacturing plant.


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May 2011