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Master of Fine Arts



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Christiana Lafazani

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Camden Whitehead


This mixed-use space was designed to celebrate Richmond, Virginia’s arts and design communities. By creating a contemporary Richmond experience in a historic trolley shed, it is a space to create, relax, and inspire. This dynamic platform will showcase Richmond’s talented new creatives, from painters and sculptors to fashion designers and graphic artists. A central retail space featuring the wares of local designers is adjoined by an exclusive art gallery with exhibitions and live performances that change on a regular basis. The space also includes a sit-down restaurant and a smaller, more casual café, where patrons can dine with friends or chat over coffee. This project explores the idea of flexibility as it pertains to architecture and interior design. Strategies such as overlap versus separation, public versus private access, and the use of materiality to delineate hierarchy were all employed in this journey to create a space that remains flexible in both the organization of and interactions amongst its internal occupants and purposes to also serve as a venue for external events.


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May 2011