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Master of Fine Arts



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Camden Whitehead

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Christiana Lafazani


This thesis examines the dichotomy of Richmond’s suburban and urban environments within a market environment. In our quest to make our lives more convenient, we have moved outside of cities, increased commutes and cut ourselves off from one another. Ultimately we have lowered our standards of quality in food, products and services by allowing big retailers and chain restaurants to determine a new standard of living. The goal of this works is to create a food hall and market environment that will act as a catalyst to improve the quality of life of Richmonders as well as to draw residents from the suburbs back into the city and revitalize the run down urban areas. The market and food hall will showcase the best that Richmond has to offer. It will support local farmers and business, integrate and encourage community by connecting people, encourage a slower pace of life and act as a center of revenue for the neighborhood and city of Richmond.


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May 2011