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Eser Tüfekçi


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a fluoride releasing orthodontic primer on demineralization adjacent to brackets. Twenty-two patients were recruited for this study. One premolar was randomly chosen as the experimental tooth, the contralateral tooth was the control. Teeth were visually analyzed for white spot lesions (WSLs). Knoop microhardness was used to determine hardness. Visual examination results showed no significant difference in the number of WSLs observed between Opal Seal and Transbond XT over the duration of this study. Solid conclusions could not be drawn from the results of microhardness testing. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that there is a difference in enamel hardness between Opal Seal and Transbond XT. However, prior to 90 days, teeth showed a significant difference in WSLs. Suggesting a protective effect of Opal Seal that diminished with time. Future studies are necessary to determine the clinical performance of this product.


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