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Master of Arts


Fine Arts - Photography and film

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Pamela Turner


This thesis explores the evolution of my practice as it developed over my two years of graduate school. I entered school interested in the built environment and how structures helped create subjectivity and provided sites for material and phenomenological transformations. Early in graduate school, I developed a photography series that investigated these issues. However, an awareness of a conversation occurring in the larger art world that questioned the efficacy of photography drove me to consider ways to extend my practice into sculpture and installation. Over the next two semesters, I developed my ideas of light, form and structure into video and sculpture installations that extended these ideas out into the space of the viewer. Ultimately, an interest in light and surface led me back to photography and to the realization that a studio practice that focused on photography about photography opened up avenues that allowed a photographic practice not to become stagnant but rather to grow and expand.


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May 2011

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