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Master of Arts


Fine Arts - Kinetic imaging

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Pam Turner


DIG Spencer Kellogg Neale III MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011 BA, The College of Santa Fe, 2009 A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011 Major Director: Bob Paris Associate Professor, Department of Kinetic Imaging This paper is an outline to various creative pursuits in the Graduate school of arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in leading to my MFA Thesis Exhibition. I have been focused on the works of artists exploring audio/visual textures and overall conceptuality behind a Lo Fidelity sensibility. In my practice, I work through unconventional recording and editing techniques in an effort to define an individual sound within the music I make. With video, I have worked with software programs to manipulate and distort, altering the frame in an attempt to bend the very fabric of the medium. I also present a brief history of the Lo Fidelity aesthetic in music and film.


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May 2011

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