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Karan Replogle


The purpose of this study was to evaluate effect of final rinse of ethanol on bond strength in teeth obturated with Gutta Percha (GP)/AH Plus® or Resilon/Epiphany®SE™. Thirty-two extracted human anterior teeth were shaped to size 30, 0.06 taper and subjected to an identical irrigation protocol. Specimens were randomly divided into eight groups according to final irrigating solution (saline, 70%, 95%, 100% ethanol) and obturation material. Two millimeter thick slices were obtained by sectioning each obturated root. Bond strength was determined using micropush-out assay. Data was analyzed using Student’s t-test. Obturation with GP/AH Plus® formed a statistically significant stronger bond than Resilon/Epiphany®SE™. A final rinse with ethanol (irrespective of ethanol concentration) did not enhance push-out bond strength with GP/AH Plus®. Push-out bond strength of Resilon/Epiphany®SE™ decreases with increased ethanol concentration with Resilon/Epiphany®SE™. Among Resilon/Epiphany®SE™ groups, 70% ethanol resulted in strongest bond strength.


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