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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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Jill Wilson


Home schooling has steadily been increasing in the past decade. According to a survey in 2007, about 2.5 million children were being home schooled in the US. Typically, parents provide education at the convenience of their home and in some cases an instructor is appointed for the same. The Home School Timetabling problem (HSTP) deals with assigning subjects, timeslots and rooms to every student. In doing so, there are certain hard and specialty constraints that are to be satisfied. Integer programming (IP) has been used in solving the HSTP as it has the advantage of being able to provide information about the relative significance of each constraint with respect to the objective. A prototype in the form of a GUI has been built such that the parent can enter each student’s name, his/her subjects, duration, days and time for each subject, availability times of the parent etc. This data is then fed into the IP model so that it can generate a feasible timetable satisfying all of the constraints. When a solution is found it is formatted to provide the weekly timetable for each student, individually, as well as a complete timetable for all students each day.


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August 2011