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Master of Science


Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

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Gary Tepper


The study was conducted to evaluate and compare performance of unimodal and bimodal mats with approximately same mass. 10% and 18% Nylon 4, 6 polymer solution were used for electrospinning the fibers. A negative ion source was used to neutralize the surface charge. The fiber diameters were measured with SEM and were <500 nm thus incorporating the slip effect. Bimodal mats were prepared from different deposition modes. Optimal mode was selected on analyzing the performance factors. The bimodal mats were then compared with unimodal mats. For their performance the fiber mass for these mats was approximately the same. It was observed that the unimodal mats had higher efficiencies and higher pressure drop giving a lower FOM. Bimodal mats showed lower efficiencies and pressure drop compared to unimodal mats. However, the FOM for bimodal mats was approximately 200% higher than unimodal mats


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